ignite MODE: Food Edition

The Food Edition of NSR’s ignite MODE workshop was held on May 9, 2015 at Millvale Studios.  The workshop inspired and informed more than a dozen entrepreneurs + impactivists with individualized strategic advice on igniting and growing their organization to expand our local food systems.

Special thanks to our ignite MODE coordinator Vivian Lee Croft, co-developer Leah Lizarondo, panelists, mentors, and the NSR board of directors for making a positive impact on the current and future leaders in our region.



The dedication of a diverse group of experts helped ignite the workshop participants

Fundraising Panel: Richard Newell (PNC Bank), Talia Piazza (Neighborhood Allies), Ed Troupe (Bridgeway Capitol)

Growth Strategy Panel: Maria Graziani (Healcrest Urban Farm), Josh Lucas (The Hardware Store), Kit Mueller (Fygment)

Mentors: Jennifer Flanagan, Keith Fuller, Carey Miklos, Benjamin Matica, Kate Lasky, Laura Kelly, Brian Wolovich, Ron Gaydos, Carlos Gasca-Yanez, Josh Lucas, Melissa Cronin, Leah Lizarondo, Scott Wolovich




Ignite MODE workshops are made possible by the funding and support of Neighborhood Allies