Ignite Northside 2.0 is amped up, taking a deeper dive, with a full throttle commitment from participants. Join us and develop leadership skills, increase business/project impact, and create a more vibrant community.

What can I expect as a participant of Ignite Northside 2.0?

Ignite Northside 2.0 propels next-stage development for businesses, projects, and their leaders through cost-free training, resources, and connections. Sessions include monthly group training, one on one consulting, and peer networking events.

We are now accepting registrations!

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Program activities include:

Weekly Entrepreneurship Training Sessions

Monthly Leadership Development Workshops

Peer Networking Events

Business/Project Demo + Skill Swap Events


Project and business owners benefit through Entrepreneurship Training Sessions. These weekly one on one strategy meetings, customized specifically for your needs, are implemented through the NSR Social Entrepreneur Training Curriculum.  Topics focus on business or project growth including validating your product or service with clients, building strategic partnerships, securing funding, and effective organizational development.

Leadership Development Workshops are held monthly to capitalize on your strengths and overcome challenges created by your weaknesses. Strengthening networks is another core strategy of Ignite Northside 2.0. Strategic connections will be made between peers and mentors at quarterly networking events, and to local resources and professional services in the Northside and broader Pittsburgh region throughout the program.

As if that wasn’t enough, get this! Twice in 2017, we’ll showcase businesses & projects through a Business/Project Demo and Skill Swap. The goal of these public events are to provide customer/client feedback, connect diverse entrepreneurs served throughout the Ignite Northside Resource Hubs, and amplify the identity of the Northside entrepreneurial community throughout the Pittsburgh region.

So… what about Ignite Northside 1.0?

Here’s a recap of the great work accomplished by participants in our inaugural program!

The Ignite Northside business and project development program is held in partnership with:

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