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Leadership Wellness Program

Experiences that strengthen the mind  body connection, improving your productivity, creativity and resilience to stress.

Starting a business or community project is tough. It takes a mix of passion and perseverance for leaders to ignite their dreams into reality. We know that being a trailblazer is sometimes a lonely pursuit. Things often go wrong. We want to help you respond quicker and better when they do. To help find your spark and stay balanced during your journey, New Sun Rising offers a Leadership Wellness Program to be a better, more focused leader.

“You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.”

-Albert Einstein

Inspiration + Creativity

  • Day retreats in beautiful places
  • One of a kind experiences

Free Range Friday

Riverview Park – Northside – June 24, 2016


Free Range Friday

Fall Run Park – Glenshaw – May 27, 2016

photo credit – James Baron


Free Range Friday

Little House Big Art – Troy Hill – January 22, 2016


Mindfulness w/ Akshay

  • Thinking Creatively at Work
  • Psychological Hacks for Improved Productivity
  • Mindfulness & Reducing Stress
  • A Guide to Focus, Resilience, and Growth

Repair the World Pittsburgh, Fall + Winter 2015

Mind - Breath - Body Yoga