What We Do

New Sun Rising nurtures social innovation ecosystems to create economic opportunity, solve social challenges, and strengthen the vibrancy of place. We provide programs that train, resource, and connect cross-sector leaders for neighborhood-scale impact. Our focus is on underserved communities and how equitable growth strategies can be utilized for economic and social development.

New Sun Rising strives to find and support fresh, creative solutions to social problems that are more effective, efficient and sustainable than what currently exists. We activate concepts from idea to impact, whether we are your fiscal sponsor, your mentor, or your community connector.

The NSR Vibrancy Ecosystem, a model for equitable neighborhood development, creates competitive advantages for communities and entrepreneurs who are facing barriers to success in the current economic system. We provide administrative support, incubate small business, creative, and non-profit professionals, and accelerate proven social ventures.

Vibrancy Ecosystems are built upon the foundations of Equity, Entrepreneurship, and Place. They develop through Planning, Connectivity, and Resources; build Culture, Sustainability, and Opportunity; and celebrate their Identity. They generate action following a simple process of Think, Learn, Do, and Grow.

New Sun Rising believes that transformational community change requires a commitment to grassroots, socially minded leaders.  By unlocking authentic human potential, we’re building an engaged, diverse, and cooperative ecosystem with solutions that improve your community… and that can improve communities around the world.

Millvale Community Library

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