Comprehensive Agreement Changes 2020

  • All projects have a January 1 anniversary
  • All current projects must sign renewal agreement by January 31
  • Comprehensive Fiscal Sponsorship fee can be paid one of two ways: $525 one-time payment or $55 per month
  • Fiscal Sponsorship fee is due at the time of signing agreement
  • Projects with activity during the calendar year are required to participate in completing the New Sun Rising annual Impact Report
  • The Fiscal Sponsorship Admin fee for grants and mailed donations is 10% (contact us prior to applying for grants to be notified of exceptions. i.e. government grants)
  • The Fiscal Sponsorship Admin fee for online donations is 13% (10% admin fee + 3% processing fee)
  • When closing a Project in good standing, Project will be subject to a final audit of the account and balance will be communicated to the Project to make a final disbursement to provide to another fiscal sponsor or a like 501(c)(3) organization. This audit may take up to 30 days.


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