Receiving funds

For direct donations:

  • If your donor would like to send a check
  • Collect the check(s) and mail them in one envelope to:

New Sun Rising

PO Box 58005

Pittsburgh, PA 15209

  • Add your project name in the Memo for appropriate application.
  • For non-monetary donations:

Does it pass this test?



Rent or space Not tax-deductible
Time of a volunteer Not tax-deductible
Services Not tax-deductible
Rental equipment Not tax-deductible
Something you can hold? Equipment, food, postcards, property, etc TAX- DEDUCTIBLE!

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What happens when NSR receives a donation?

For anything over $200, we will send your donor an acknowledgement email (please make sure they provide us with an email and address) to use as their tax-deductible receipt.  YOU should send ALL your donors/grantmakers a thank-you note/letter.


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