Getting Started with Pre-approved Fiscal Sponsorship

Managing Pre-approved Projects

Remember that New Sun Rising is not a lawyer nor an accountant. We recommend consulting with both for your project.

You should have signed your agreement at this point.

We recommend opening a bank account separate from your personal that may currently exist. If you have already registered this project or organization with the State of PA and/or IRS, you will be required to file taxes and hold your own liability insurance. If you have not registered this project or organization with the State of PA and/or IRS, your project is not legally an entity and you should follow the Pre-approved Grant Relationship Manual found on the main policy page.

Included in the Fiscal Sponsorship fee for Pre-approved Grant Relationship Fiscal Sponsorship:

  • Nonprofit Status: NSR receives charitable donations, fees, and grants on behalf of the project not available to individuals or organizations that do not have a 501(c)(3)
  • Project relationship- monthly contact with New Sun Rising Fiscal Sponsorship staff
  • Fiduciary Support from NSR’s Board of Directors

In other words, we act as part of your project’s or organization’s finance, development, and operational team to help you succeed. Pre-approved Grant Relationship Fiscal Sponsored projects will receive 1 check per cycle made payable to the business name on file.


After New Sun Rising receives the yearly membership fee, we will send you:

  1. A NSR logo to use for any publicity associated with your project.  You should also add ‘A project of New Sun Rising’ to your materials.
  2. A link to your profile on NSR’s website with an online donation form for your supporters
  3. Open Office Hours: The first non-holiday Tuesday of each month from 6-8pm (reserve at


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