Instructions for / direct deposit

NSR utlizes for payments. In order to pay a contractor or expenses, we must have a w9 on file and an email address. Here are the instructions sent with the invitation to your contractor. Please request they do not send ebills. All invoices MUST be paid through the community website. If these instructions are not followed, this could delay payment or be denied payment.

Hi {:VendorName:},

NOTE: Please read this email in its entirety as it provides instructions to set up your account.

Please accept this invitation from The New Sun Rising to start receiving electronic payments directly to your bank account. You may be receiving this because of one of our projects, like the Pittsburgh Restaurant Aid, or for services for New Sun Rising directly.

DO NOT USE EBILL to send invoicesNew Sun Rising. New Sun Rising will use our own system for requests. You should only sign up for receiving payments (Accounts Receivable) and there is not a need to connect to NSR for accounts payable unless instructed. Please send your invoice to the project leader.


  • COMPANY NAME is either your name or your entity’s name (w9 must be on file with NSR)
  • Choose ‘I’m A CONTRACTOR.’
  • Tin= SSN(social security number)
  • For Industry choose: ‘Non-profit’ If others do not fit more closely
For Comprehensive Fiscal Sponsored projects: You will receive 1099 from New Sun Rising for activity without receipts attached as reimbursement. All projects and vendors will receive the 1099.
For all other projects, contractors, award recipients, or vendors: You will receive a 1099 for all payments disbursed to you.

And don’t worry, your account information will be secure, protected with end-to-end encryption, and not visible to The New Sun Rising. If you have any questions, please send us an email at or call me at 412-407-9007.