Year End Reporting

Fiscal Sponsorship End of Year Preparation

The Impact Assessment is designed to capture information related to the following aspects of your project. Most of the assessment will cover things that you can easily recall, such as if your project has certain policies and practices. Some things, such as income and expenses, may require you to check your records.

Things to keep track of throughout the year (if applicable) to ensure you can accurately complete the Impact Assessment:

  1. The number of clients/customers served
  2. The demographics or at-risk groups are the primary focus of your organization
  3. The number of people you have served from each demographic group that is the primary focus of your organization
  4. Organization’s finances over the reporting period (earned income, grants, outside investments, personal investments, total expenses + net profit)
  5. The total number of individuals who were associated with the organization (paid FT/PT staff, paid contractors/consultants, unpaid volunteers)
  6. The number of individuals hired from the neighborhood or town where your organization is located, or where you do your primary business or work
  7. Description of the significant successes and challenges your program has experienced
  8. Description of  any future planned events, services, fundraisers, activities, etc.
  9. The number of businesses/organizations/community groups have you collaborated or partnered with
  10. The number of community hours were volunteered by team
  11. The number of hours of in-kind professional services were provided by team members


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