The Launch Vibrant Communities Strategies

2.1 Mobilize Residents

Organizing a series of workshops that use collaborative dialogue and listening to identify actionable projects

  • discover resident potential and vision for the future
  • identify community projects that multiple stakeholders can implement
  • organize a group of engaged residents ready to take action


2.2 Educate the Community

Hosting public information sessions where your goals and plans are shared with local stakeholders to guide decisions about development

  • increase broad support for development initiatives
  • build awareness, shared language, and identity
  • create community ownership of plans and priorities

2.3 Accessible Funding

Reducing barriers to funding and financing for businesses and nonprofits through fiscal sponsorship, loans, and awards

  • provide accessible funding for businesses and nonprofits
  • raise awareness about funding and financing opportunities
  • increase competitiveness for funding and financing

2.4 Highlight Professional Services

Identifying local providers that offer legal, accounting/financial, marketing/branding, web development, business development, and fundraising services

  • establish a local network of professional service providers
  • strengthen the operations of businesses and nonprofits
  • increase competitiveness for human and financial resource investments

2.5 Incubate Businesses + Nonprofits

Launching a cohort of early stage business and nonprofit leaders aligned with your development priorities

  • Strengthen startup organizations through planning
  • Attract financial, human, and knowledge resources
  • Improve communication, trust, and connectivity
  • Promote a positive identity and growth narrative

2.6 Measure Progress

Using impact measurement and performance management tools to improve your outcomes

  • promote a culture of measurement, accountability, and transparency
  • improve understanding and communication of strengths
  • identify opportunities for improvement
  • strengthen their case for additional support


Jeb Feldman of The Joinery answers questions May 2 during the Launch Sto-Rox Showcase at Hollowood Music & Sound in McKees Rocks.