Join Our Board


New Sun Rising empowers creative projects in the Pittsburgh region through fiscal sponsorship, mentoring, and community building.

New Sun Rising (NSR), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2005, seeks additional volunteer board members to support the overall policy and direction of the organization. NSR values a board which dynamically represents the energy, integrity, and diverse character of those communities that NSR works to serve.

To date, NSR has worked with more than 120 social enterprises and community projects in Pittsburgh and surrounding communities. These projects include performing arts and art installations, developing shared technology and sharing-economy infrastructures, bridging the local food cycle (from growers to restaurants to composting to growers), providing library and education resources, and supporting a variety of community and regional events. Many of these projects have developed into established businesses.

Over the coming years, NSR will support many more local communities and projects. We seek additional board members who are passionate about program development and want to help social impact project leaders succeed in reaching their goals — all while helping move New Sun Rising forward.


  • Review and assess the adherence of NSR activities to the strategic and operational plans, and the mission and vision of NSR. Work constructively and respectfully with NSR Staff, Board of Directors, Contractors, and Partners.
  • Serve as a member of at least one of the board’s established committees or ad hoc working groups. The current established committees include: Outreach, Finance, Executive, Learning and Growth. Meetings and other discussions for these committees/groups will occur in person or remotely, outside of the monthly scheduled board meeting.
  • Review annually the Board of Directors and take steps to improve its performance. This includes helping the Executive Committee to identify and recruit prospective board candidates.
  • Adhere to established guidelines regarding timeframes for voting on board matters, particularly the project approval process. Board members are expected to review the board agenda and related reports prior to monthly meetings.
  • Contribute to the board’s role in fiduciary responsibility for the organization, voting on annual budgets, reviewing financial reports and supporting the ongoing evaluation of related business actions.
  • Work actively within the legal responsibilities of board service, helping to identify internal or external conflicts of interest or other challenges that may put the organization at risk.


All board members are elected for two-year terms and are eligible for re-election without term limits. Board members are expected to attend at least 75% of monthly board meetings (meetings usually fall on the 2nd Thursday evening of each month), and support NSR with approximately 10 hours per month, from a combination of board meetings, committee meetings and other related work.

Board members are required to assist NSR in raising $500 per year, via personal contributions, solicitation of sponsorships or in-kind donations, and/or support of NSR events.

There is no financial compensation for this position, other than reasonable reimbursement for expenses incurred during furtherance of the organization’s business. Board meetings in person are held monthly, with more frequent involvement expected on decisions made via phone conferencing and electronically.


Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest and resume, or requests for additional information, to The letter of interest should include information about your interest in New Sun Rising and how you can support the organization and work of the Board of Directors.