Launch Wilkinsburg

A program to help business + community project leaders develop plans, access resources + grow their community impact

Launch Wikinsburg is an incubator program to help build your community business or project – with people just like you. Our collaborative 12 month program helps you through the difficult path of getting started, building a tribe of support, and launching meaningful solutions to directly impact the Wilkinsburg community.

The Launch Wilkinsburg incubator provides structured learning, access to consultants and professional services, connections with partners, funding opportunities, and physical space to get started. Startup businesses and projects in the Launch Wilkinsburg cluster will help activate the community’s shared vision by working in the community and for the community. We focus on helping local partners build solutions and impact that last.

Read on and learn What to Expect, find detailed Program Information, and explore how your business or project fits with Launch Wilkinsburg’s Incubator Focus on community engagement, arts and culture, vacant properties + lots, and Main St development.

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What to Expect

Build your plan + test with consumers to grow your financial + social impact

Individual strategy sessions for practical development of your business or project

Collaborative approach strengthens your network + engages community

Micro-loans + access to financial investment

Program Information

  • Interactive group training sessions each month with other Launch Wilkinsburg leaders
  • One on one consulting focused on individual needs
  • Launch MODE learning curriculum to guide your progress
  • Online management tool to organize actions + keep you on track
  • Access up to $3,000 in micro-loans at 0% for legal, accounting, marketing, or development
  • Pay it Forward tuition repayment dependant upon your success
  • $100 NSR membership fee to join

Incubator Focus

New Sun Rising is committed to equitable community development. In order to determine which areas of impact are top priority, we reviewed the community planning documents, surveyed stakeholders through our Vibrancy Index, and held an interactive public forum. As a result, these are the identified areas of focus for Launch Wilkinsburg:

  1. Community Awareness + Engagement

  2. Arts + Culture

  3. Vacant Properties + Lots

  4. Main Street Business Development

  5. Education

  6. Safety + Crime Reduction

  7. Environmental Sustainability

  8. Public Spaces

The Launch Wilkinsburg incubator is in partnership with the Wilkinsburg Chamber of Commerce and supported by the Henry L. Hillman Foundation.