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July 2017

Work Hard & Academy Pittsburgh, Advancing Black Arts, Lots of Pride Garden, Moose Mode fundraising, Launch Sto-Rox, Wilkinsburg Dream Cafe, The Blanket.

June 2017

Transformative Teaching Artist Awards, evolveEA award, Whetstone Workgroup, Folia Water, Barrels to Beethoven’s Steelpan Day Camp.

May 2017

Ignite Northside 2.0, Hello Neighbor, Martha Rial, Shattered Glass Podcast, International Free Expression Project, Requiem for Rice, and apply to be our 2017-18 VISTA.

March 2017

100% New Sun Rising news, including the announcement of our new headquarters, the NSR Moose Project!

February 2017

Hiawatha Project, Love My Neighbor!, NSR Impact Reports, Ignite Northside 2.0, All of Us Care, BOOM Concepts, Folia’s Safe Water Books.

January 2017

The Blanket, Intervention Fundamentals Fund, Artist as Resident, Poverty Podcast, RyanArts, Day La Soul, Millvale Music Festival.

December 2016

Half-dozen new fiscally sponsored projects, NSR’s Holiday Guide and year-end campaign, UpPrize, AcademyPGH, Downstream.

November 2016

Entrepreneur Welcome Mat, Pgh Urban Growers Cooperative survey, Ignite Mode Wilkinsburg, Launch Sto-Rox, Tupelo Honey Teas Cafe opening, Sprezzatura for the holidays.

October 2016

Steel City Soils, Love Your Neighbor!, Ignite Northside videos, Launch Wilkinsburg, Renewal Coffee Shop, volunteer opportunity, National Food Day.

September 2016

Day of Giving, Britsburgh, Martha Rial, Storypearls, Storyburgh, UpTo, Plated Trade, Millvale revitalization.

August 2016

Start With Art, VIA Festival, W.H.O.L.E. Unity, Meta Mesh, Folia Water, Re: NEW Festival.

July 2016

InvolveMINT, Love Your Neighbor Grant Program, Pittsburgh in the Round, Gardens of Millvale, Tuff Sound Recording, Pearl Arts Studio.

June 2016

Steel City Shakespeare Center, Neglected Histories, HOLP, Green Playces, Healcrest Urban Farm, Blackberry Meadows Farm.

May 2016

Barrels to Beethoven, Light Bright Beautiful Puppetry, NSR Project Nights, Martha Rial, InvolveMINT, Next 3 Days in Allentown.

April 2016

Pittonkatonk, The Beautiful Cadaver Project & Fringe Festival preview, Tupelo Honey Teas Cafe, Folia Water, Steel City Soils.

March 2016

Ebony McQueen-Harris, Ignite Northside, Academy Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Chamber of Cooperatives, EvolveEA.

February 2016

Cultural Gumbo, Jorinda Bullitt, Northside Breweries, Fringe Festival preview.

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