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Our Why

Exacerbated by the pressures of COVID-19, nonprofit leaders are at a high risk of burnout and mental health impacts. If left unaddressed, this will negatively affect personal health and organizational sustainability resulting in unmet community needs. Unless we learn to support the development of healthy, resilient leaders, the social sector will have increasing difficulty retaining talent and growing the organizational capacity to create change.


1. Develop healthy leaders

2. Create trust and connectivity

3. Build organizational capacity

4. Strengthen the talent pipeline


Developing resilience is a transformational process that occurs over time through a multi-faceted approach. The Nonprofit Resilience Program strengthens individual leaders and their relationships with peers, ultimately improving organizational sustainability to achieve a greater impact. The health of an organization and the health of non-profit leaders are intrinsically intertwined. The program endeavors to create a resource that assesses individual leaders and provides them tools for personal mental and physical health habits, but also addresses the organization’s overall health and provides capacity-building tactics and tools to better enhance the symbiotic relationship between the two. Nonprofit leaders are identified through a nomination process and participate in a 90 day cohort covering three phases. Advisory for the program is provided by members of The Partnership Network.

The Phases

I Individual Self-care

Healthy Leaders


II Relationship Building

Stronger Connectivity


III Leader + Organization Development

Building Capacity

I felt the Nonprofit Resilience Program was one of the few professional development opportunities that I attended that focused on the individual and made an effort to see everyone as a person and not just a part of an organization. It was a great opportunity to meet more like-minded individuals that I hope to stay connected with in the future

~ Nonprofit Resilience Program Alum



What We’re Learning

Provide opportunities for Black leaders to engage and learn from Black leaders and experts

Support leaders in developing authentic relationships

Make room for leaders to think about their personal and professional futures

Become trauma-informed from a historical, community, and environmental perspective

Recognize self-care as a worthy financial investment


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