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The initial Power in Numbers data storytelling cohort received technical assistance services from New Sun Rising to collect and analyze their data using the Vibrancy Portal technology platform then create Data Story Reports with TrailBlaze Creative.  This pilot was made possible through the support The Pittsburgh Foundation. Additional organizations include those in the Nonprofit Resilience Program funded by Staunton Farm Foundation who identified data and communications among their primary needs. In 2022, we are expanding and redesigning the Vibrancy Portal 2.0 to better meet the needs of social sector organizations and collaborative movements. We will also develop and launch Creative Advocacy Campaigns, inspiring wider participation from stakeholders to make progress on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Are you a nonprofit, social enterprise, or collaborative who would benefit from enhanced data utilization and creative advocacy? Email us at for a Vibrancy Portal and/or Creative Advocacy demo to learn more. We welcome inquiries from funding partners to help us democratize data, technology, and creative disruption to help marginalized people advocate for change by growing the Power in Numbers initiative.

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