The Ignite Vibrant Communities Strategies

1.1 Explore Culture + Values

Engaging your stakeholders through interviews and surveys to gain deeper insight

  • Celebrate history, values, and norms
  • Cultivate a culture of action that upholds shared values and fosters trust
  • Reduce inequalities, preserve cultural heritage, and express shared identity

1.2 Assess Readiness

Reviewing and analyzing your socioeconomic indicators and existing community plans

  • Understand how you rate along key sustainable development indicators
  • Identify needs around issues of culture, sustainability, and opportunity
  • Develop a shared commitment to goals and strategies

1.3 Map Resources

Identifying assets and strengths to meet your needs and improve overall quality of life

  • Organize around community assets
  • Develop a total capital approach (financial, social, and intellectual) to achieve vibrancy and equity goals
  • Leverage resources to attract and absorb additional capital

1.4 Determine Priorities

Hosting community meetings to collect stakeholder input and develop commitment to shared goals

  • Build alignment, momentum, and support
  • Connect initiatives to a broader community vision
  • Identify people who are willing to partner and take action
  • Focus collective resources to accomplish shared goals

1.5 Create an Action Plan

Developing activities, processes, and accountability mechanisms to guide a community of action

  • Create an accessible plan to guide development efforts
  • Prioritize short and long term projects that accomplish goals
  • Identify necessary resources
  • Inspire people to take collective action

1.6 Identify Leaders

Hosting workshops to help your early adopters to build plans, connect with resources, and take action

  • Build a network of business and nonprofit leaders
  • Inspire collaboration and strengthen networks
  • Demonstrate progress towards development priorities
  • Create stories that amplify vision, values, and positive change