Launch MODE: Impact + Opportunity Incubator

Helping social enterprise and innovative non-profit leaders build business plans for economic + social impact

What to expect over the 12 month program:

  • Monthly experiential group learning curriculum with peer leaders
  • One-on-one mentoring from experts to build your plan and manage growth
  • Eligibility for NSR funding tools and assistance
  • Professional services from our network (legal, accounting, branding, marketing, web dev)
  • Measured outcomes to share your social and financial success with investors and supporters
  • Pay it Forward when you succeed, returning our investment in you to help others
  • Direct customer and community engagement with arts MODE, ReMixers, Events, and more!
  • Free access to our Leadership Wellness Program (creativity, productivity, mindfulness, yoga)

Visit the Launch MODE Social Innovation Clusters

Launch Millvale

Food Enterprise Incubator

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Launch Hilltop

Impact Incubator

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New Sun Rising’s MODE program revitalizes communities by building and accelerating collaborative social innovation clusters. 

We accomplish this goal by investing in action-oriented people to activate community plans + visions:

  • Entrepreneurs with business models generating economic + social impact
  • Non-profit leaders developing innovative, financially sustainable models
  • Citizens with the ideas, passion + persistence to make it happen

MODE identifies communities with the appropriate infrastructure to revitalize, surfaces business and community project leaders who can solve tough problems, develops sustainable business plans, connects them with appropriate funding, and grows the breadth + depth of their impact. The result: vibrant, self directed communities of economic opportunity + social impact.

Benefit from a comprehensive set of incubation services + support

Launch MODE helps you build your community impact startup. Our collaborative 12 month program guides you along the path of getting started, building a tribe of support, and launching meaningful solutions. Launch MODE clusters activate a community’s shared vision by working both in the community and for the community. We help you engage communities that share your values and priorities, building solutions with lasting impact.

Research + Plan

Strategic insight from local + national sources to build a business plan reflecting your values + goals

Expertise + Value

Define a compelling value proposition then execute your plan with a diverse team of experts

Funding + Network

Develop a strong peer + professional network, receive startup services, and build a plan to successfully fundraise

We recognize that introducing new solutions to change your world requires heavy lifting.

New Sun Rising: launch MODE was developed to help lighten your load and realize success

for a more inclusive, sustainable innovation community.