Ovarian Cancer Day of Silence

Ovarian Cancer Day of Silence raises awareness about the symptoms and risks of ovarian cancer and encourages women to be their own health advocates. Participants take a vow of silence for the day, encouraging women to listen for the signs of ovarian cancer and honoring those who have been forever silenced by the disease.

Only in silence can you hear the whisper. As there is no screening test for ovarian cancer, women must know the subtle symptoms of ovarian cancer and listen to their bodies. Education and awareness of the signs and symptoms of the disease provides an opportunity to women for early detection. If detected early, survival rates are above 90%. Unfortunately, less than 20% are diagnosed early, and over 70% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer will not survive the disease. For this reason, it is imperative that everyone learn the early signs and symptoms of the disease and help the women in their lives listen for the whisper.

Early detection saves lives. The Ovarian Cancer Day of Silence is dedicated in loving memory to Carol Watterson, Stage IV ovarian cancer fighter. With your help, we can spread awareness and give women diagnosed with ovarian cancer a better chance.

By donating just $14.00, you will be providing a volunteer with the resources to bring awareness to his or her entire community. If you would like to bring OCDOS to your community, please contact Britaini@TEALDayofSilence.org.

Ovarian Cancer Day of Silence


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