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Digital Bridges Pittsburgh

Digital Bridges Pittsburgh, an expansion of work originating with the Social Media Advisory Counsel in 2013, teaches digital literacy & digital life skills with emphasis on workforce readiness. We teach people how to live better lives via technology, and how to do it safely. Digital literacy — and maintaining digital competence — is an issue for everyone as technology outpaces human adaptability; even more so for those that are in the typical “at-risk” categories.

We try to focus on young adults, and teaching them the realities of the tech in their pocket, how to have an online strategy, & thinking about their social media in terms of professional & personal life. Today everyone has a platform & a voice, which means we all need to know how to navigate that world effectively & safely.

Other examples of folks we love: Displaced middle class & low income workers, or people who need skills & paths to better professions. We also help veterans & former offenders, or people who are placed in a digital bubble due to their respective situations. Digital Bridges Pittsburgh helps them to reintegrate successfully by giving them the tech tools & knowledge they need, and the ability to use it in a way that rebuilds their life.