Light Bright Beautiful Puppetry

Alison K. Babusci is a Pittsburgh-born artist, teacher & professional storyteller. “I weave strands of narrative, colorful textiles and emotional threads to create a world where a child-like curiosity is honored and imagination is free to create without boundaries.” Alison Zapata is a Pittsburgh-born, second-generation Mexican-American visual artist & art educator, having developed engaging, child-centered arts programming throughout Pittsburgh over the past 18 years.

Together, the Alisons co-founded Light Bright Beautiful Puppetry (an NSR ArtsMODE project) in 2015, which engages audiences through imaginative storytelling, playful arts-based learning experiences & interdisciplinary performances. “We believe in the power of stories & images to communicate, teach & uplift audiences of all ages and abilities,” they say, “but we especially enjoy the enthusiasm & imagination of the youngest learners.”