Advisory Board
Zaheen Hussain, Millvale
Lauren Pearce, Sharpsburg
Mary Ellen Ramage, Etna
Brittany Reno, Sharpsburg
Robert Tunon, Etna
Brian Wolovich

Triboro Ecodistrict

New Sun Rising is partnering with the Etna Economic Development Corporation, Sharpsburg Neighborhood Organization, and sustainable architecture and consulting firm evolveEA to promote coordinated sustainable community development throughout the Boroughs of Millvale, Etna and Sharpsburg. With over 10,000 residents combined, these Allegheny River towns are building on a strong collaborative history to promote sustainable community development through the shared lenses of: Food, Water, Energy, Air Quality, Mobility, and Equity. The Triboro Ecodistrict is an initiative of New Sun Rising.

Initial projects include:
(1) Building the Tribe: Increasing eco-literacy and building leadership capacity through education and outreach;
(2) Energy: Deploying alternative energy generation and technology;
(3) Air Quality: Raising awareness and reducing indoor and outdoor contaminants;
(4) Affordable Housing: Community Land Trust development in partnership with Lawrenceville Corporation


Since 2012, Millvale stakeholders have worked with evolveEA in launching and growing the Millvale Ecodistrict Pivot Plan. Now in its second iteration after 5 years of efforts, the Millvale stakeholders have made significant progress implementing the plan while gaining regional and national recognition including a recent American Planning Association (APA) National Planning Achievement Award, and another APA Sustainable Communities Award for Sustainable Planning. The Triboro Ecodistrict leverages assets created during this work in Millvale, and those existing assets within Etna and Sharpsburg to collaboratively grow partnerships and impacts together with neighboring Allegheny River towns.

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