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An affordable, comfortable co-working space for people starting or growing their own businesses, Whetstone Workgroup is ideal for freelancers, consultants & those that need a few hours of childcare coverage each week to be productive! We offer a two-tier pricing structure: a reserved desk for $150 per month, or drop-in desk privileges at a pay-what-you-want level. And we feature on-site drop-in childcare that can be utilized on an hourly or occasional basis.

By not having a fixed fee structure, the co-working space becomes accessible to anyone, especially those just beginning their own businesses, are between contracts, are figuring out their business model, or otherwise cannot afford an expensive fixed cost. This is especially beneficial to women that need (or want) additional flexibility to stay home with their kid(s), but want to keep their professional skills sharp by running their own entrepreneurial endeavor.

Each month a variety of trainings & networking opportunities take place; some are geared towards improving one’s business, others are just for fun. Examples include developing systems to improve one’s business; bookkeeping and budgeting basics; networking for introverts; and game nights. Some are open to just members, and others are open to the public. Members benefit in several ways, including the opportunity to discuss freelance/consultant-specific topics with others in similar situations (such as raising prices, finding new clients, and best marketing methods).

One of the more interesting and intangible benefits that is hard to quantify are the conversations around parenting that happen on a near-daily basis. Several members are first-time parents; others have two or three kids. The community aspect that has developed between members allows an amazing opportunity to exchange tips on breastfeeding, sleep habits of toddlers, potty training and more, in addition to work-related tips.


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