A technology platform to explore community insights, manage organizational data, and advocate for the future you envision.

The Vibrancy Portal helps nonprofit, social enterprise, and community leaders secure additional resources and create a greater impact. The Portal provides accessible and actionable insights through two primary functions: a community data Explorer and organizational data Manager.

Based on New Sun Rising’s 18+ years of experience supporting grassroots community initiatives, we recognize that their lack of accessible data and advocacy marketing content limits an ability to secure additional resources. In 2019, we launched the Power in Numbers initiative to help organizations and communities secure the social, human, cultural, and financial capital necessary to reach their goals.




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Do No Harm With Data Statement

New Sun Rising recognizes the power of data to shape discoveries, insights, and investments that directly impact people and communities. We strive for inclusive, participatory data practices which honor community ownership and stewardship. We see data as more than numbers, it represents lives and relationships. We commit to using data in a way that does not harm the people we are trying to help. (inspired by the Do No Harm Guide, Urban Institute)