Transformative Teaching Artist Awardee List

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Vibrancy Fund

The New Sun Rising Vibrancy Fund invests in leaders through a series of targeted Vibrancy Challenges. Funds are awarded through a number of flexible mechanisms, including: Traditional Grants, Recoverable Grants, Crowdsourcing Matches, Award Stipends, and Loans. The Vibrancy Fund provides support for businesses, community projects, and collaborations with innovative solutions to our seven interrelated strategies for developing equitable, vibrant communities.

New Sun Rising’s Vibrancy Strategy includes: Culture, Sustainability, Opportunity, Planning, Connectivity, Resources, and Identity


Cooperative Business Incubator Fund

The Work Hard Pittsburgh Cooperative Business Incubator, in partnership with New Sun Rising and the support of Neighborhood Allies, provides flexible investments to underserved entrepreneurs who are members within their ecosystem.

IF Financial Assistance Application

Intervention Fundamentals (IF) offers financial assistance for care provided by Qualified Healthcare Professionals licensed or certified as behavior analysts to eligible individuals & families. The aim of the Financial Assistance Fund is to allow any family to receive services based on their child’s needs, regardless of their insurance. The fund provides financial assistance for high quality outcome-based training to parents of children with disabilities. Reduced payments or free care may be available. You may be eligible for financial assistance if you have limited or no health insurance, provide IF with necessary information about your household finances, and can show you have financial need.

Transformative Teaching Artist Award

Transformative Teaching Artist Award

The Transformative Teaching Artist Award, supported by The Heinz Endowments, recognizes that quality transformative teaching artists should be recognized for the important work they do in Pittsburgh’s African American & “distressed” communities.

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