Dear Community Leader,

As you know, there was a significant fire at the Millvale Food + Energy Hub last week. Thankfully everyone is safe, and we are grateful for the EMS and Fire teams who provided a rapid response that mitigated the damage. It was a shocking event and we are now focused on getting our building back into operation as quickly and safely as possible to serve the community.

The fire and all that it entails is a significant setback for New Sun Rising and its partnersWe have been hard at work for many years, developing partnerships and programs at the Food + Energy Hub that support vibrant and equitable community development in many different ways. At least for a time, all of that work must be relocated, adapted, and disrupted in many ways.

If you know New Sun Rising well, you are probably already aware that we are intentional about working behind and between people. We generally aren’t the best at asking others directly for help. But – if we’re honest with ourselves and others – now is a time we could really use a hand from you, our closest partners. Now that the dust has settled, I’m asking for you to consider doing three tangible things that will significantly help us and our tenants like Sprezzatura and 412 Food Rescue through this challenging time.

  1. Donate: If and as you are able, please consider donating to the following GoFundMe Campaign we have established. As you know well, nonprofits and social enterprises often operate on lean budgets and depend on community support even in the best and most predictable of seasons. So, an event like a fire presents considerable challenges that are both logistical and financial in nature. By donating, you are investing in the shared future of our community, supporting those organizations that are leading change, and demonstrating resilience at this important time in our shared history.
  2. Share: Even if you are unable to contribute financially, please share the campaign and event as personally and directly as you can with at least 10 individuals or organizations who you think may be able to help. Be as personal, honest, and direct as you can in making such appeals. When appropriate, remind folks of the value New Sun Rising has brought to your own project, organization, or community. Amplify your message via social media.

At New Sun Risingwe value and speak regularly about the importance of resilience, community, and helping people to overcome barriers to pursue their vision. In recent days, these sensibilities are being tested and our understanding of them is being deepened and refined. Your willingness to help us in these three simple ways will go a long way to helping us get back on our feet.

We look forward to weathering this storm together, and coming out the other side more resilient and better connected as a result.

Together, we can build Vibrant Communities.

New Sun Rising believes that when all people and communities are at their best, everyone benefits. And when local people are supported to lead their own development, we know that culture gets stronger, quality of life is more sustainable, and equitable opportunity is created. 

The unfortunate reality is that we see evidence all around us of how social, environmental, and economic systems are not working optimally for many people. The silver lining is that we have the power to ignite change together. Through your end-of-year donation, New Sun Rising will help strengthen the people and organizations leading the transformation towards a better future.

As NSR’s Vibrant Communities movement grows, we need your help. By making a donation today, you can help strengthen the nonprofits, social enterprises, and collaboratives that are making this vision a reality.  Your contribution will directly support innovative and critical services to over 150 leaders and 45 communities each year, such as the Nonprofit Resilience Program, Power in Numbers data storytelling, and Solar Workforce initiatives.


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