New Sun Rising’s fiscal sponsorship program was developed with the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors best practices and with insight from New Sun Rising lawyers and “Fiscal Sponsorship: 6 ways to do it right” by Greg Colvin-probably the main Attorney with in-depth knowledge on fiscal sponsorships.

Instead of creating a new nonprofit, projects are governed by The New Sun Rising Board of Directors.  New Sun Rising is not the typical fiscal sponsor. We have dedicated professional staff for the fiscally-sponsored project, have an agreement and application which clearly states that the activity is charitable and that New Sun Rising retains control over the project. In addition, New Sun Rising designed a member platform for projects to make requests for charitable purposes that align with their grant budgets.
New Sun Rising staff also review applications, agreements, and reports prior to submission to a funder.  We produce donation receipts and offer training and strategy sessions both online and in person.

New Sun Rising plans to charge 10 percent admin fees to help cover the costs of Fiscal Sponsorship risks and administration.  We have estimated that we provide up to 20% of administrative and grant services to the project’s budget, which we do have to fundraise and find other revenue to keep our rates affordable.

Listed below is some handy information from NFFS and Adler & Colvin Law Practice ( with links to the IRS)

Information for Funders from the NNFS

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