One Northside Mini-Grant Application


    One  Northside is a community-driven initiative to improve the quality of life in all 18 neighborhoods of the Northside. Since early 2014, hundreds of Northside residents have engaged with local leaders and stakeholders in community-wide conversations to create a shared agenda for the revitalization of this vital component of the greater Pittsburgh region.

    Since 2016, through the support of The Buhl Foundation, New Sun Rising has led the Ignite Northside program to help 92 Northside residents and community members put their ideas into action and support the One Northside Consensus Plan’s focus on Quality of Education, Employment, Place; and now Health + Safety.


    To support community members in their efforts to advance the One Northside vision, One Northside Mini-Grants of up to $1,000(taxable if not a 501(c)(3) )are awarded to support small-scale community projects. Projects which demonstrate the pledged support of their neighbors, increase Health or Safety, help to strengthen connections, increase accessibility to resources, and/or activate significant places in their community are strongly encouraged to apply. Grant recipients will also receive additional support through New Sun Rising and the Street Team Ambassadors to develop their project and secure additional resources.

    How would you use up to $1,000 to benefit your neighborhood in the Northside?


    Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and reviewed monthly. Decisions are typically announced by the beginning of the month starting in July. One Northside Mini-Grant project awards will be announced in July, August, September, November, and December 2018. The deadline to submit applications is 11:59pm on:

    • June 28, 2018

    • October 25, 2018

    • July 26, 2018

    • November 29, 2018

    • August 30, 2018


    Printed applications are accepted at the Allegheny and Woods Run Carnegie Libraries during normal business hours and by postal mail at the address below. You may also submit your application as attachments to Postal mail submissions should be addressed to New Sun Rising, attn. One Northside Mini-Grant, P.O. Box 58005, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15209.

    If you are not a 501(c)(3) or fiscally-sponsored by one, awards will be taxed as earned income.


    New Sun Rising encourages prospective applicants to attend Information Workshops to meet with New Sun Rising staff + the Mini-Grant Street Team to learn more about One Northside Mini-Grants in advance of preparing an application. Additionally, Street Team members will be available for informal meet-ups in community locations as requested.

    Check the schedule online at  for locations, dates, and times. Contact New Sun Rising staff with your inquiry or other questions by phone (412) 407-9007 or email If you’re interested in hosting an information session in your neighborhood, please let us know.



  • PROJECT DESIGN Please directly answer questions 1–7


  • Drop files here or

    Download a Sample Budget Form

    Overall Project Expense Budget (the total cost of your project)

    Amount Requested from New Sun Rising (up to $1,000)

    Budget Line Items (Proposed use of New Sun Rising funding)

    Crowdfunding (optional) In addition to New Sun Rising support, our friends at can help you to build your network and raise additional funds. If you hope to raise small contributions from your neighbors, please tell us more and we’ll get you connected.


    Please provide the following information to show evidence of community support for your project. You may submit attachments using New Sun Rising templates as uploads via email to, by postal mail, or in person. Forms are available for download from New Sun Rising’s website.

  • Drop files here or

    The Pledge Form will show that you have connected with community members and neighbors to build awareness of your project. Also, that you have  gathered donations of volunteer time or services, in-kind support, and/or financial pledges. Download the Pledge Form.

  • Drop files here or

    A formal letter of support can help demonstrate that neighborhood organizations, business owners, residents, and community leaders are willing to stand behind your efforts. Up to 3 letters can be accepted, but are not required.


    Feeling creative? You may submit images and/or video content that helps us better understand your project by emailing them to


    Only full applications will be considered, please be sure to include: 1. Project + Leader Information 2. Project Design 3. Additional Information 4. Budget 5. Attachments (Pledge Form, Letters of Support (optional), Images or Video (optional))

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